Witschi’s Sports Arena was an entertainment venue in North Attleborough, Massachusetts that hosted events from boxing to rodeos and even circuses. Unfortunately, it burned down on September 20, 1979. But what if that fire wasn’t the end of the story, and Witschi’s was still with us today? What events would be hosted there, and what services would it provide? What would its branding look like? This fun project combines a little history with a touch of creativity.


The photograph above provides a look inside the real Witschi’s Sports Arena. I have also included an example of one of Witschi’s ads in the newspaper. I could not find any logo to use as a reference, so I used branding for modern sports complexes as inspiration.


If Witschi’s was still in business today, it may have steered away from rodeos, musicians and circuses to focus solely on combat sport performances and training. This T-Shirt outlines the sports that Witschi’s could specialize in.


Witschi’s could have continued to be a prominent venue in the area, with advertisements many miles away, including billboards at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA. This advertisement is promoting Witschi’s professional performance series, along with a call out to their social media pages.