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My name is Alanna. Not ‘Alanna the Warrior’ from the books by Tamora Pierce. I’m ‘Alanna the Artist’, from North Attleboro, MA who has brown hair, glasses, two arms, two legs, one kidney, and an affinity for the outdoors, bike riding, and DC Comics.

But you probably want to know more about my art.

When I was little, drawing was my forte. One of my first drawings was of the family cat, in which I drew a circle with lines extending from it with two ears, eyes, and possibly a nose. Though it looked more like a dust bunny than a cat, drawing for me was more than a fun activity. I was fascinated by it, and I collected more than my fair share of cartooning and realistic drawing books. The works of famous artists, and of those made by people within my own family, were inspiring. I particularly loved artwork made by my Memere (French for “Grandmother”).

Middle School art class was a real eye opener. We covered new mediums, techniques, and artists…and I loved every bit of it! (Except ceramics.) At home, I began another endeavor – graphic design. For some reason, our home computer had Photoshop CS2 or 3 on it along with the software PrintMaster and Microsoft Publisher. I began creating “A&A Newsletter” (“The Award Winning Newsletter That Is Supposed To Be Monthly But Never Is”), which was a monthly collection of inside jokes between my best friend, Ashley, and I. (The newsletter continues today – but only on Christmas and her birthday). I joined an online forum and began posting art related to the forum’s TV show topic.

The only reason I looked forward to biology class in high school was because I could draw insanely intricate illustrations of cells. “A&A Newsletter” became more of a fully designed publication, and I started to turn every inside joke between Ashley and I into full fledged designs. We were always inventing new characters, organizations, and ideas. My PowerPoints became feature films with animations, theme songs and credits (which, in turn, kept the class awake).

Naturally, I went to college to study Statistics.

Just kidding.

I was an art major, with a concentration in graphic design. My college friends were amused by this, and would ask me to justify why meaningless things could be considered art, but they shook their heads when I pointed out mistakes on professional pieces. I worked for Program Committee as a Marketing Chair, and I still do contract work for BSULife Design, a student run design service at Bridgewater State University. I joined BSULife Design when it was called RCC Design in my freshman year, and was promoted to manager/designer for my senior year. Watching the team of 7+ designers grow was one of my favorite aspects of that school year.

After graduation, I traveled to California to document Bridgewater’s Campus MovieFest winners. There I learned more about the TV/Entertainment industry, which I hope to work in someday as a graphic designer for props and other graphics needed in production.

I am currently employed at Rhode Island Novelty as a Product and Packaging Designer. I also work closely with the Sales Department on Custom Imprinted Souvenirs.



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